Sara Constant

Foto von Sara Constant
Foto: Kalina Leonard



    • Sara Constant is a flutist from Toronto, Canada, working with a special interest in contemporary music.
    • Sara completed her Bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Toronto (where she studied flute with Camille Watts), followed by an MA in musicology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam with a focus on 20th- and 21st-century music. She has since participated in new music workshops and festivals in Austria (Impuls Academy), the United States (Oh My Ears), and Canada (Toronto Creative Music Lab; Waterloo Region Contemporary Music Sessions).
    • Sara’s performance practice and research focus on contemporary chamber music, experimental theatre, Asian American identity, and ecology. Active as a soloist and ensemble musician, she has performed recently as a soloist with the Silverthorn Symphonic Winds, and as a flute/voice duo with soprano Rebecca Gray, where collaboration with composers is a core part of their work. In Toronto, Sara’s current projects include working as an editor at The WholeNote magazine, curator with the Music Gallery, and co-organizer of the Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML) – a peer-mentored summer workshop for early-career performers and composers.
    • Sara is looking forward to learning new things in the CoPeCo programme, and to developing her research on interdisciplinary music-making and ecology to create new collaborative works.