Yorgos Stavridis

Foto von Yorgos  Stavridis


  • Aufgabe: CoPeCo


  • Musician, sound artist, primarily percussionist and composer.
  • He explores the sonic range of percussion instruments in continuous interplay with electronic media and technology.
  • Approaching sound texture and timbre as the main elements for interpreting and making music, Yorgos emphasises improvisation as a source of musical expression, responding through immediate action and playfulness to the temporality and site specificity of sound and music.
  • He studied Instrumental and Electroacoustic composition at the Ionian University and classical percussion at the Athens Conservatoire.
  • He is a member of Ke.Di.Mou.Ra, a collective consisting of musicians engaging in composition, sound art and improvisation, found in Corfu.
  • Yorgos is based in Athens but works across borders.