Sandra Kuntu-Blankson

Foto von Sandra Kuntu-Blankson


  • Aufgabe: CoPeCo


  • Sandra Kuntu-Blankson is twenty-five years old and hail from Ghana, West Africa. She considers the Contemporary Performance and Composition Master’s Program is a great opportunity to develop herself as a performer and to be an agent of positive change in her society.
  • She believes in becoming a link and a role model for females in her community who yearn to follow the line in making music a profession and the actualization of such dreams. Her readiness and zeal regarding this CoPeCo program is unparalleled and she strongly envisions that the global impact of this program would make it worthwhile.
  • It has been an incredible journey so far, and it is her hope that she would transcend and exceed her personal expectations, make and keep new friends and above all share the stage with like-minded musicians for a global musical experience. The change of scenery and environment appeals to her more on the level that there is a higher tendency to enhance her skills. The idea of spending four semesters in different countries is a thought she is really looking forward to; new food, new cultures and new experiences!
  • She is a big fan of experimental and contemporary music thus, CoPeCo is her dream come true!