Mélanie Vibrac

Foto von Mélanie Vibrac
Foto: Alexandre Schlub


  • Aufgabe: CoPeCo


  • Mélanie is a French clarinetist from East of France. She started her musical studies at the Épinal and Metz Conservatories before moving to Paris for two years to study literary field and musicology in “classe préparatoire” at lycée Fénelon.
  • Then, she entered “Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg” for a bachelor degree in classical and contemporary music.
  • She studied music performance at the University of Montreal during an exchange year well as continuing a pedagogy degree that she pursued back in Strasbourg to obtain the diploma as a clarinet teacher.
  • During this year in Canada, she worked for several cultural magazines, publishing articles on live shows and interviews.
  • Back in Strasbourg, she participated to Musica – International Festival of Contemporary music, the “clarinet week” at Cité de la musique et de la Danse, she also played with l’Atelier Mobile – French troupe with circus and pupett. Moreover, she explored the musical theater and the link between text and music.
  • During this year she also worked in different schools to teach clarinet and musical theory, and she participated for the second time to a three weeks musical camp in Haïti where she taught clarinet. Finally, she’s very fond of travelling, as it brings her the opportunity to discover new and different cultures in order to express this inspiration through her art.