Projects for refugees at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama

At the Campus Nord (Hebebrandstraße) the University has already established good contacts with the residents of the refugee domicile which is located near by the University.

These close contacts made it possible to develop different kind of projects and activities. For example instrumental lessons offered by students, building new forms of playing music collaboratively and involving refugee-children in the project “Jedem Kind ein Instrument” (a project for a variety of instrumental lessons at primary schools).

An intercultural jam session (“Interkulturelle Jamsessioin zum Mitmachen und Zuhören”) takes place regularly at the cultural center “Zinnschmelze”.

Furthermore the Drama Academy of the University has developed the project named “Meine Welt – Demonstration der Kinder” (financed by the foundation Maritim – by Hermann and Milena Ebel). The aim of this project is to give especially girls and women the chance to escape from the stress of everyday life in a refugee domicile.

Program for guest students

The University is also offering a program for refugees as guest students. Five young people have the opportunity to get to know University life in Germany and meet other students. This program starts in summer semester 2016.
The only requirement is that the persons have musical or acting experience.

The guest students will have the possibility of taking part in lessons in a major subject.

The purpose of the University is to encourage the guest students to participate in society and University life. In the future this program could even lead them to start studying at the University.

After passing one semester of this program the teachers of the University will be able to assess, if the guest student has the qualification to absolve the entrance test of the university.