Norbert Schnell


Connecting Media – Presentation abstract and biographical notes  

About Composed Instruments and Virtual Scores: Research and Music Production at IRCAM Having grown up in Hamburg were I made my first steps in music and theater, were I got to know the early versions of today state-of-the-art music production software and were I also had the chance to listen to some of György LigetiÂ’s seminars at the HfMT, I am delighted to participate at Connecting Media with a talk about my work today, my team and my working environment at IRCAM in Paris. Starting from a brief introduction of IRCAM and its departments, this talk will give a summary of the paradigms and technology developed over the past years at IRCAM in the field of interactive real-time systems. A particular focus is given on recent developments and collaborations of the Real-Time Musical Interactions team in audio and gesture recognition as well as interactive audio processing including sound examples. The talk will insist on the relationships and influences of these projects in the context of IRCAM’s music production (« création »), international research projects, and industry collaborations. Norbert Schnell Head of the Real-Time Musical Interactions team at IRCAM 



Norbert Schnell is born in Hamburg where early he gets engaged in music composition and arrangement for theatre. He moves to Graz/Austria to study Telecommunications and Music. He becomes studio assistant at the Institut für Elektronische Musik (IEM) and collaborated with the MusikLabor Wien getting involved in contemporary music projects as adviser and developer. 1995 he obtains his diploma as Toningenieur of the Technische Universität and the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz and enters the Real Time Systems team at IRCAM as researcher and developer. Since 2002 he is coordinating the Real-Time Applications team at IRCAM that recently changed its name to Real-Time Musical Interactions. He and his team are involved in scientific and artistic projects in the domain of computer music focusing on real-time performer-computer interaction and interactive audio applications. This research includes multiple aspects such as score-following, sensor technology and gesture analysis/recognition, real-time sound analysis, information retrieval, and synthesis, interfaces and networks. Besides the engagement in artistic productions, his team participates in international research projects (music technology and education) and collaborates with industry partners from different fields (music, interfaces, automobile) on specific developments. In June 2006 he chaired the 6th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME 06, at IRCAM. 

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