Alexander Schubert: Competition and Festivals

Datum: 28.07.2009



Alexander Schubert has just won a residency prize at the Bourges competition and will be producing a new work this year which will be performed at Bourges in 2010. He has won with the piece "Nachtschatten" which was written last year during a residency at the ZKM, Karlsruhe. The piece will also be played at the ICMC in Montreal in August. 

End of July the piece "Superimpose I" will be performed at the SMC 2009 in Porto. It's for piano, bass, drums, saxophone and electronics.

There is a documentation of his piece "Weapon of Choice" (including video, sound and information) online at:

It's a piece for violin + sensor + live-electronics and live-video.


The piece will be performed by Barbara Lüneburg a few times in the upcoming months, including:

ZKM, Next generation Festival

Kaija Saariaho Festival, Hamburg

Hilltown Festival, Ireland

Hafencity University, Hamburg

Ahornfelder Festival, Leipzig

Maribor, Slovenia

Komponistenforum, Mittersill, Austria


The piece Nachtschatten was chosen to be released on the CD compilation JTTP by Prix Jeu de temps / Times Play Awards.


More info can be found at

Autor: Alexander Schubert