Visiting the TENOR Conference in Paris


This year (2015) in late May members of the ZM4, Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu and researcher Benedict Carey visited the inaugural Tenor Conference 2015 at both IRCAM and the Paris-Sorbonne University, to present the unit's current research and take part in this exciting new conference on technologies for music notation and representation.

In addition to sitting on the scientific committee, Professor Hajdu presented work about the MaxScore project specifically in reference to its flexibility as a Bohlen-Pierce scale friendly composition environment, among other features.

Speakers assembled from a host of institutions covering a large portion of the globe and the countries represented are far too numerous to mention in their entirety here but included were Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, the USA, England, Germany and a host more. In her address the keynote speaker Eleanor Selfridge-Field focused on both the background to our contemporary era of notational music representation as well as current developments which was well received by those in attendance. 


Datum: 20.09.2015

Author: Benedict Carey