Cembalo total

  • Dozent: Prof. Menno van Delft
  • Semester: Sommersemester 2022
  • Termin: Nach Absprache, durchschnittlich alle zwei Wochen
  • Raum: Orange 204 (Alte Musik)
  • Dauer: eine Semesterwochenstunde
  • Inhalt: Introduction
    a) definitions and terminology (in various languages and times)
    b) overview of different kind of harpsichords

    1. Tuning and Temperament
    a) basic tuning techniques and dealing with commas
    b) theory and calculations
    c) temperaments

    2. Construction and History of the Instrument
    a) construction and terminology (in various languages)
    b) history, following Kottick’s ‘A History of the Harpsichord’, supplemented
    by various articles, photo’s and recordings of historical instruments
    3. Repertoire and Notation
    a) overview
    b) history
    c) models, forms, genres
    d) sources: notation & philology (various tablature notations, score notation, manuscripts, printed sources)
    4. Performance practice
    a) aesthetics, general
    b) playing techniques, finger/wrist/hand/arm/body position and
    movement, various special techniques
    c) fingering and fingering systems
    d) articulation
    e) various rhythmical aspects (such as inégalité)
    f) ornamentation
    g) diminutions, cadenzas, connections, veränderte Reprisen
    h) improvisation
    5. Teaching and Methods
    a) historical methods
    b) teaching repertoire
    c) modern methods

    Ca. three times per school year a written test takes place on an announced selection of subject-matters

    Once per school-year each student presents a presentation on a topic of his or her own choice related to the harpsichord or its repertoire.
  • Literatur: Werden im Seminar vergeben
  • Credits: 3 Creditpoints
  • Module: K-1-Ce, K-2-Ce, K-3-Ce