Writing Workshop for Doctoral Students

  • Dozentin: Meredith Nicoll
  • Termin: Block Session: Sa. 9 April, 10:00–14:00
    2-Hour Weekly Sessions: days and times will be discussed on 9 April
  • Raum: ausserhalb
  • Dauer: 1.5 Semesterwochenstunden
  • Inhalt: Just as a score doesn’t have to represent perfectly preconceived sounds, a text doesn’t have to be the written representation of perfectly preconceived ideas. Writing, like a musical performance, can be used as a performative process that generates and refines new ideas. To help strengthen this writing process, Peter Elbow developed methods that depart from trying to “write it right the first time.” This workshop will allow students to put some of these methods to practice in an experimental, peer-oriented setting with the aim of honing writing skills as well as generating ideas and text for their own theses and dissertations.

    This workshop aims to help doctoral students:
    Get comfortable with writing
    Find their own written voice
    Write more clearly and quickly
    Learn alternative ways to create and develop ideas

    The workshop will take place in two phases:
    One Block session to discuss format, material and methods followed by ten weeks of regular writing and feedback.
  • Literatur: REQUIRED READING BEFORE 9 April: Peter Elbow, Writing without Teachers (New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007) ~~~~~~~ Recommended: Silvia, Paul J., How to write a lot : a practical guide to productive academic writing (American Psychological Association, 2019); Kruse, Otto. Keine Angst vor dem leeren Blatt ohne Schreibblockaden durchs Studium. Frankfurt (Campus-Verl., 1999); Howard Saul Becker and Pamela Richards, Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article, 2nd ed. (University of Chicago Press, 2007); Umberto Eco et al., How to Write a Thesis, 2015; Peter Elbow, Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process, 2nd ed (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998); Peter Elbow, Everyone Can Write Essays toward a Hopeful Theory of Writing and Teaching Writing, 2000; ; Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff, A Community of Writers: A Workshop Course in Writing (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2000).
  • Credits: 3 Creditpoints
  • Bemerkung: Discussions will be held in English, however participants can also do their writing in German. Please sign up on the Moodle https://elearning.hfmt-hamburg.de) to register and get the required reading materials. For questions, contact meredith.nicoll (at) hfmt-hamburg.de.
  • Module: Promo_Modul, W-frei