Analyse #21

  • Dozent: Prof. Alexander Schubert
  • Semester: Sommersemester 2022
  • Termin: Dienstags 12:00 at ELA5 (später im Semester Multifunktionsstudio)
    Tuesdays 12:00 at ELA5 (later in the semester we switch to Multifunktionsstudio)
  • Raum: ELA 5 (Grün 005)
  • Dauer: 1.5 Semesterwochenstunden
  • Inhalt: #Analyse 21 - Digital Culture
    In this seminar we will listen to and watch pieces of the 21st century with a focus on multimedia works and electro-acoustic music. This includes audiovisual performances, videos and installations. The aim is to give an overview over the composers and pieces that have been part of the different recent discourses and that shaped the development, perception and creation of new multimedia art. This course addresses all students (composers, instrumentalists, artists alike) who are interested in the current concepts, trends and ideas that form the diverse corpus of multimedia art and contemporary music. It is meant as a discussion forum in which we talk about the pieces and their qualities and characteristics. Topics include #virtuality, #digitalism, #netart, #conceputalism, #performances, #interaction, #video and last but not least #fun!
    This semester's topic will revolve around performative and theatrical art forms - ranging from video works, digital culture and media impacts.
  • Credits: 2 Creditpoints
  • Bemerkung: Das Seminar richtet sich an Studierende der Multimedialen Komposition, Komposition und an alle interessierten Instrumentalisten! Unabhängig von Vorwissen sind alle interessierten Teilnehmer eingeladen mitzumachen!
    Language: Englisch - On a level that allows discussing topics and presenting artworks.
  • Module: CoPeCo, Mth-3-Ko-Mth, The-W1-MMK, W-bv, W-frei, Wiss-1-MMK