Interactive Music Notation

  • Dozent: Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu
  • Termin: Friday 10 - 11:30h, first class on April 08, 2022
  • Raum: ELA 5 (Grün 005)
  • Dauer: 1.5 Semesterwochenstunden
  • Inhalt: The class offers an introduction to the concepts of interactive and real-time music notation with Ableton Live and Max via MaxScore and LiveScore. In addition, we will learn about the notation of microtonal and graphic notation and explore various use cases.
    The installer can be downloaded from for free.
  • Literatur:
  • Credits: 3 Creditpoints
  • Module: E-1-Jko-MM, Tec-W1-MMK, Tec-W2-MMK, W-frei