2022-12-11 MANE-b_wFun 2

New Music from Digital Scores

Sonntag 11.12.2022 19:30
HfMT, Multifunktionsstudio

This concert features a series of world premieres of music written in digital notation. Featuring the Monash Animated Notation Ensemble (MANE) from Australia, the concert features a range of approaches to the idea of a 'digital score' - using VR, networking, physical computing and more. Composers include Iran Sanadzadeh, Jaslyn Roberson, Chloe Soebek, Helen Svoboda, Lindsay Vickery and Cat Hope. This project has been made possible by funding from the 'Digi-Score' project, funded by the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme(Grant agreement No. ERC-2020-COG – 101002086), and the Hamburg Institute of Advanced Study (HIAS).

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