Tang and Four Dreams

ein Musiktheater des Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Dienstag 27.08.2019 19:30
Theater im Zimmer

“Tang and Four Dreams” has a “play within a play” double structure storyline, delivering a contemporary interpretation of “Shakespeare of the EAST”, which is in an attempt to specify and bring to stage what Tang Xianzu loves and dreams of.

This great love story is presented by a unique Chinese musical style, combining several traditional Chinese instruments with strings and pianoforte, which embodies the modern and the traditional. You will find various music elements in the play including Chinese drama music, opera, rap, jazz etc.

The beautiful composition constructed by composer Xu Jianqiang and Lyricist Lin Zaiyong effectively showcase ancient Chinese culture for contemporary audience and contribute to a new exploration of modern Chinese musical.

Talented performers and musicians of Shanghai Conservatory of Music will make their debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, offering all ages an accessible and engaging link to such significant moments in Chinese history.

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