Chinese Bamboo Flute Concert

Freitag 17.01.2020 19:00
HfMT, Mendelssohn-Saal

Geng Tao, Professor in conservatory of music, South China Normal University, a famous bamboo flute perforemer, composer, member of the chinese Musicians Association. Vice President of Ethnic Orchestral Music Society of Guangdong Province.

Published 3 monographs and works more than 60. He was invited to the United Kingdom,Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, and the United States to hold bamboo flute concerts and lectures. As a composer, he is good at intergrating Chinese and western music elements, its melody is beautiful, the rhythm is bright, the tune and adjustment is changeable, the art appeal is strong, forms the unique flute art style.



Feng Zicun
Happy Meeting 《喜相逢》

Zhao Songting
Partridge Flying 《鹧鸪飞》

Geng Tao
The Morning Song in Canton Country 《粤乡晨曲》
Guan Gong Temple 《关公庙》

Pablo de Sarasate
Gypsy Airs 《吉普赛之歌》

Geng Tao
The Sea Tide (Bamboo flute Concerto) 竹笛协奏曲《海潮》
Sailing | Beautiful Sea | Sing the Sea

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