by Benedict Eris Carey

Freitag 06.12.2019 19:00
HfMT, Multifunktionsstudio

Motherese from award winning Australian composer Benedict Eris Carey is one-of-a-kind, nail biting ride through the evolution of music, from pre-history up to the current material world that we live in. The multi-disciplinary work uses the latest in Augmented Reality technology to usher the audience through an immersive narrative of our cultural evolution, backed by live-composed music for a massive, impossible orchestra and the fierce musings of renowned percussionist Lin Chen. Many surprises await the audience including navigating a surreal 1000 metre high sculpture exhibition via iPads, the HfMT’s own Wave Field Synthesis system in all of its surround sound glory, A haunting 360 degree projected modern dance work set in a virtually re-animated 10,000 year old temple and Benedict's Piano Sonata II for self-playing piano and 1024 virtual pianos.

The concert starts with a pre-concert talk by the composer and an essential technology training session.

Registration for the concert is available via, simply include your name and a ticket will be issued to your email prior to the event, one ticket per person.

Entry is complimentary, but registration is strictly required since there are very limited spaces in the venue and technology kits for audience members.

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