SPIIC Lecture Concert no.6

mit György Kurtag Jr. (Bordeaux)

SPIIC – Studio For Polystylistic Improvisation and Interdisciplinary Crossover

Donnerstag 19.11.2020 18:00
öffentlicher Zoom-Konferenzraum

Ein Workshop-Gespräch mit Vlatko Kučan sowie eine Fragerunde mit den Teilnehmenden

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This SPIIC Lecture Concert is the first in a series of weekly workshop discussions to accompany our project Dreaming Fields of Action, which SPIIC initiated in cooperation with the Université Côte d'Azur in Nice and the Creative Space for Technical Innovations (CSTI) of HAW Hamburg. In the context of Dreaming Fields of Action, we will explore the possibilities of improvisation in virtual space in the upcoming months. In addition to the practical artistic exploration that we continuously pursue with ensembles in Hamburg and Nice, we have invited a number of excellent guests who will discuss with us various theoretical topics of improvisation, virtuality and technology.

Our first guest will be György Kurtag Jr, who as a composer, improviser and researcher embodies a truly extraordinary artistic and personal vision and competence. He will give us insights into his current work and discuss the following questions with us: instant composition vs free improvisation; endings - how to finish improvisation; understanding musical forms and contexts; We are very much looking forward to this evening!

György KURTAG Jr. is a Composer, Performer and Researcher in innovative teaching methods of digital musical instruments and Arts&Sciences Coordinator in SCRIME at Université de Bordeaux. Fascinated by the musical behavior, the motivation of his works is inspired by the Collective Intelligence theory. His research include both analysis and capture of performer’s new musical gestures. He is taking part in developing the Méta-Mallette (Puce-Muse - Paris), the Continuator Project (Sony C.S.L - Paris), Dolabip (SCRIME-Bordeaux), Midi controller for Guitar by Shadow (Germany). In the 1980s, he followed his mentor, Peter Eötvös to IRCAM (Paris), where he has collaborated with some of the most influential American researchers-composers in the computer music such as John Chowning, Tod Machover, George E. Lewis and David Wessel. All these expériences inspired him to create his own musical and digital universe.

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