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Foto: Khai Ngoc Vu


networked multimedia performance

Sonntag 28.11.2021 13:00
HfMT, Multifunktionsstudio

This networked multimedia performance is a collaborative work created by artists based in Germany and Vietnam. It is a multi-layered work tackling the topic of distance – within us, and between us. Movement, video, lights and sound are all equal partners merging and weaving together to create metaphors for these questions.

All four of us have had experiences with living in different countries, far away from our friends, families and partners. These shared experiences have inspired us to think deeply about what “connection” really mean for us, what are the reasons for the “disconnect”, what is there to “reconnect” with and how…
We are living in an age where the technology allows us to easily communicate with people thousands of kilometres away, to see them and hear them, and to instantly be transported into the living spaces on the other side of the planet. And sometimes it is easier to share and confide to people half a world away, then to our own families or to the people we live with, if the relationships are damaged. If misunderstood or mistreated, we can easily feel disconnected to those around us, be it parents or the society we live in. Three individual and deeply personal stories emerged and were collectively shaped by us…

Tam Thi Pham - project coordination, composition, interpretation (Dan Bau, piano, objects), video
Tam Thi Pham is a Vietnamese multimedia composer, improviser and performer, currently based in Hamburg. Her works are a journey of exploring individuality in an attempt to connect with the surrounding social environment. She is trying to build a way of expression in which music and performance are two indivisible parts.

Diego Muhr - lights, composition
Diego Muhr is a german-chilean composer, media artist and light designer based in Hamburg. His interest explores a wider sense of what composition means, referring to it as a way of organizing all kinds of materialities in time in a non-hierarchical behavior. He has created performances, site-specific installations, and concert pieces involving actors, dancers, musicians, lights, and video.

Goran Lazarević - composition, interpretation (accordion, piano, objects)
Goran Lazarević is a Serbian composer and accordionist based in Hamburg, Germany. His main spheres of interest lay in live-electronics, microtonal music, free improvisation and computer music, as well brain-computer musical interfaces (BCMI) and cognitive sciences.

Khai Ngoc Vu - project coordination in Hanoi, choreography, dance
Khai Ngoc Vu is a Vietnamese dancer and choreographer who had the opportunity to study and work both in Vietnam and Europe. Before becoming a freelancing professional, he graduated from the Vietnam Academy of Dance in 2004. Ever since, he has worked for a number of dance companies and theaters in Vietnam, Netherlands, Italia, Germany and Switzerland.

Voice-over artists: Grete Terkatz, Mai Linh, Isidora Caroca, Diego Muhr, Goran Lazarevic

Excerpts from improvisation by: D.C.P. (harmonium/mixing desk), Tam Thi Pham (Dan Bau), Jan Wegmann (clarinet) and Goran Lazarevic (accordion)

Technical support - Víctor Gutiérrez Cuiza (DE), Yuri Akbalkan (DE)

Light - T-group company (VN)

Video teams - Rike Malottke (DE), Alicia S. Reyes (DE), Trinh Quang Linh (VN), Trịnh Quang Linh (VN), Trần Văn Ngọc (VN), Nguyễn Đinh Anh Vũ (VN)

Photography - Hien Hoang (DE)

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Kindly supported by: Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
Funded by: Goethe Institut Hanoi