Tohuwabohu #4

blurred edges Festival 2018

multimedia composition, improvisation and concert installation

Sonntag 27.05.2018 20:00
HfMT, Multifunktionsstudio


Taizhi Shao: Fantasy N0.1, 5 min, for piano, sensors and video

Jan Wegmann: Entschreibung, 7 min, for one human speaker, four loudspeakers and video

Dong Zhou: Friday 10 a.m., 8:03 min, fixed media (2018)

Rica Zinn: YELLOW, 10-15 min, for one percussionist and everybody who wants to play, video and electronics (2018)

James Cheung: Hi György, 5-10 min, for string quartet, electronics and fixed media

Pedro González: Starling, 3 min, for electronics and video

Lee Seonghee: Untitled #3, 5 min, for electronics and video, 4 channel setup

DJ-set by Bill Spector & Arturium

stage design by Wenchao Ji
artwork by Ran Altamirano

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entrance on donation

Im Rahmen von blurred edges - Festival für aktuelle Musik Hamburg, 25. Mai - 10. Juni 2018