Masterprüfung Multimedia und Komposition von Hue Trinh Luong

For thousands of years, Vietnamese culture has been strongly influenced by Confucianism. According to Confucian values, the life of a woman is governed by the rule of three subordinations: to her father, to her husband and even to her son after her husband’s death, as in the idiom: “Tại gia tòng phụ, xuất giá tòng phu, phu tử tòng tử”.

Only boys were allowed to enter school because they would later become the main descendants of the family. Girls were raised to obey, serve, and take care of their husband's family. In a spousal relationship, the obligation of a wife was to fulfil all wishes of her husband who had the right to beat her, even to abuse her, and to banish her from his house. Even if a husband had several concubines, his wife was not allowed to argue or to complain. In case of her husband’s death, his wife was not allowed to marry again, she had to raise her children by herself for the rest of her life. (...)

In these older times, most people did not live for themselves, and were not free to act on their own accord. Now, the influence of Confucianism on Vietnamese culture has lost some of its grip, especially in the younger generations, but it is still ingrained in the collective mind, more superposed than erased by modern ways to think and feel.

STREAKS Concert is a combination between contemporary music & traditional Vietnamese music, improvisation, text, together with visual documentation from Vietnamese social projects. With professionals/students from Hamburg, Lübeck - Germany and Stockholm, Malmö - Sweden.

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