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Musikong Bumbong

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Sonntag 16.06.2024 20:00 HfMT, Mendelssohn-Saal

According to Filipino local accounts, Musikong Bumbong was an attempt by 19th-century nationalists and revolutionaries to create a uniquely Filipino sound. These attempts led ot the creation of the all-bamboo ensembles organized along the lines of the marching band, playing music composed by Filipino composers.
The project "Musikong Bumbong" presented in Manila and Hamburg blends traditional and experimental music. Reviving Katipunan- era marching bands with handmade bamboo instruments, five composers from the Philippines and Germany will create experimental and contemporary protest songs using these specific bamboo instruments.
All composers will craft protest songs for 15 performers who will present all pieces as a newly formed band. The project bridges historical and contemporary expressions, fostering cross-cultural collaborations and will be the starting point for a collection of experimental notations and scores for these particular instruments.
The project is financially supported by ifa, Authority for Culture and Media in Hamburg, Musikfonds e.V. and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

Tintin Patrone is a German-Filipino Sound- and Performacne artist. She is captivated by the exploration of interconnections among music, art, sound, and experimental forms of expression. Her creative works revolve around the visual aspects of music and the ways in which personal and societal connections are established with it.
By involving herself with robots and artificial intelligence in her artistic practice, Tintin Patrone challenges established notions of human subjectivity and physical presence. Through the integration of these technological elements, her objective is to go beyond outdated concepts of "human nature" and nurture fresh perspectives that continuously evolve alongside contemporary advancements in science and technology.
Incorporating non-human entities as participants becomes a purposeful endeavor for Tintin Patrone, aiming to disrupt conventional understandings of human subjectivity and embodiment. Her performances, installations, and plays are inspired by genres such as musical Concept-Art, Fluxus, and experimental music.
Another profound source of inspiration that shapes Tintin Patrone's artistic approach is the culture of associations and collectives. She frequently collaborates and engages with fellow artists and groups, creating an environment of mutual exploration. In 2009 she founded the noise ensemble Krachkisten Orchestra, in 2012 the International MusicMotorcycleClub, a regular event for sound art and mobile sound reinforcement, and in 2018 the performance collective The Ambassadors of Disappointment in collaboration with the Goethe Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2021 she opened a temporary fake Asian snack bar in Hamburg called german Rice, a place for experimental music and experimental food. Since 2022, she has been increasingly concerned with artificial life forms, singing robots and their integration into nature-related ideologies.

Charlotte Simon is a composer, visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer with a love for the sounds and words of the 80s. She is co-founder of the electronic experimental music label MMODEMM and has been improving the lives of Frankfurt feelers for years by bringing brilliant, joyful musicians (and cassettes and vinyl) to the city of employees and sharks. Simon works with co-conspirator Toben Piel, aka FM Aether, in the band Les Trucs, founded in 2009 and internationally known for their endless electronic cabling and outlandish choreographies.
Operas, radio plays and theater music are among Simon's solo musical metiers, and she is equally adept at organizing events in the countryside. She has recently also become the operator of the Rheinhessischen electronic music club

Michael Barthel grew up in (East) Berlin, has lived in Leipzig since 2002. Since 1994 he has been working with electro-acoustic and experimental music. Since 2008, your own voice has been the exclusive instrument for concerts and recordings. The volume of poetry “Prunk” will be published by Vexer Verlag St. Gallen/Berlin in 2018, presenting the work in its written and graphic form for the first time.
In Michael Barthel's works, location is the theme: protection, refuge, home - the possibilities that want to be inscribed in these terms. In his performances it is the language that circles, touches and falters these possibilities. seeks cover and leaves himself to himself - with himself, a choir.

Joee Mejias is a musician and multimedia artist from Manila, Philippines. Her music combines field recordings, traditional and found instruments, electronics and voice, creating songs that evoke inner memories, altered dream states and fragments of real or imagined journeys. Joee's live performances are influenced by her theater background and vary in the use of projections, videos, installations and live performers. She has performed in various locations in Southeast Asia, Canada, Japan and Taiwan and toured extensively in the Philippines.
In addition to her artistic work, Joee is co-producer of WSK: Festival Of The Recently Possible, an international digital art and electronic music festival in the Philippines, and co-founder of HERESY, a platform for women in sound and multimedia.

Pette Shabu is a trans rapper and DJ from Quezon City who dabbles first with her fondness for creative writing, evolving to songwriting and performing, leaning into experimental and alternative hiphop. With an artistry overflowing with lived queer experience and transgressiveness, she wishes to get the message across. Diving more into boombap production, metal, industrial, electronic dance, ballroom, and techno sounds to produce immense and high-energy performances, she has her own written material playing a vital role.
She started to perform with the queer underground party (Elephant) and SadoMasoDisco, who deeply inspired her. Uploading all of her other works through SoundCloud.
With her recent single release titled "BINGO!" she incorporates Filipino electronic dance genre "Budots" into her hip-hop sound. The music video for "BINGO!" is now available on YouTube as well as the single across all streaming platforms.

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