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Acous(ma)tic Rooms: Architecture - Nature - Art

CoPeCo and Multimedia (Research Module)
Dr. Konstantina Orlandatou
8., 15. & 22. April 13. May from 15:00 - 20:00
ELA 5 (Grün 005)
1.5 Semesterwochenstunden

The connection between music and architecture has been known since ancient times. The Pythagoreans believed that nature was modeled by numbers and that mathematical principles governed the entire cosmos. Schelling described architecture
as "congealed music" and Goethe as "silenced musical art". Terms such as "harmony", "golden ratio" or "Fibonacci sequence"
intersect between these two disciplines over and over in time. But what we perceive depends on the
performance venue, where the music is performed. Though music can be performed anywhere; in a concert hall or outdoors. This seminar presents an overview of the close relationship between music and architecture. Spaces have been designed or redesigned
to meet the artistic needs of the time. Internal church spaces (for choir performances) were reconstructed,
concert halls (Bayreuth Festspielhaus) and pavilions (LeCorbusier & Xenakis) were built, public spaces were used for happenings (Fluxus & action art). What effect does space have on human perception? Is it only about acoustics or also about aesthetics? A journey from the music room of the 17th century to the Elbphilharmonie.

2 Creditpoints
The seminar will be offered in English and is open to anyone interested on the topic
CoPeCo, Wahlmodul freie Wahl (alle Studiengänge), Wissenschaftliches Modul Multimediale Komposition Master