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Composing / Programming Spatial Audio

CoPeCo, E-1-Jko-MM, Tec-W1-MMK, Tec-W2-MMK, W-bv, W-frei
Dr. Grégory Beller
Opening day: April 8th, from 13:00 to 14:30, @MFS Then every Monday from 13:00 to 14:30 from April 8th. In ELA1, MFS (schedule and place will be given on the opening day).
Multifunktionsstudio (ehemals Schauspielstudio 3)
1.5 Semesterwochenstunden

At the end of the semester, the students will have acquired the elementary
basics of different sound spatialization techniques and will approach the
composition of space. They will compose a multi-channel electro-acoustic work
that they will be able to listen to comparatively on the different diffusion
systems of the HfMT: the WFS system in ELA1, the MFS dome, as well as the
constellation in the Forum.

It is possible to join without any previous knowledge, but basic knowledge of the Max programming environment is welcome. It is recommended to work through the tutorials in parallel with the course, which can be downloaded together with the runtime version of Max at http://cycling74.com/downloads/.
1.5 Creditpoints
The seminar is aimed at students of composition, multimedia composition and all interested instrumentalists! Regardless of prior knowledge, all interested participants are invited to join! The course will be in English. On the practical side, you'll need Max, the Spat library and the Dante audio driver.
CoPeCo, Multimediale Komposition (Jazzkomposition Master), Technisches Wahlmodul 1 Multimediale Komposition Master, Technisches Wahlmodul 2 Multimediale Komposition Master, Berufsvorbereitendes Wahlmodul Master, Wahlmodul freie Wahl (alle Studiengänge)