Multimedia Composition

Course Details

This master's program is a full time 2-year studies program (in 4 semesters). A Master of Arts (M.A.) certificate is awarded after successful completion of the program.

Courses offered in winter semester 2022



Fields of study

  • Algorithmic composition (with Max / MSP and OpenMusic)
  • Digital signal processing and live electronics
  • Plugin design
  • Live interaction with music and video
  • Network and internet composition
  • Interactive Installation
  • Sensors
  • Work in the digital recording studio
  • Aesthetics of new media
  • Microtonal composition
  • Radio drama and drama music
  • Soundtrack
  • Conceptual Art

Software and programming languages taught

  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Ableton Live / Max for Live
  • Logic
  • IRCAM software (OpenMusic, AudioSculpt, Diphone, etc.), SPEAR
  • Java
  • JavaScript


How to apply

In order to attend this master's program you have to:

  1. apply under following link:
    • submission of at least three representative works which demonstrate the ability to perform artistically Demonstrate the use of digital media, especially in the field of computer music. These Works can be in the form of scores, texts, recordings, computer programs, videos, etc. and/or interactive websites.
  2. attend the entrance examination (in English) which consists of following parts:
    • a 3-hour written exam including a) an elaboration and solution of a task in the filed of interactive computer music/mutlimedia, b) a factual text to be summarised and commented on, c) multiple choice test on important terms in computer music and digital media
    • 15min interview on your work and motivation to join the program





What can I study in this program?

  • Algorithmic Composition
  • Digital processing & Live Electronics
  • Plugindesign
  • Live-Interaction with Music and Video
  • Network and Internet Composition
  • Installation
  • Sensors
  • Aesthetics and New Media
  • Microtonal Composition

Which software and programming language can I learn?

  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Ableton Live / Max for Live
  • Logic
  • IRCAM software (OpenMusic, AudioSculpt, Diphone, etc.), SPEAR
  • Flash
  • Java
  • JavaScript

How long does the program last?

The duration of the program is 4 semesters.


What title do I get after studying in this program?

Master of Arts (M.A. - Multimedia Composition)


What conditions do I have to fulfill in order to get a place on the master's program?

The formal prerequisite for participation in the selection procedure is the submission of an application. Please inform yourself on the website about the admission formalities (deadlines, dates, fees, etc.). For further questions please contact following persons: Georg Hajdu, Alexander Schubert, Konstantina Orlandatou