Studying at HfMT

The three HfMT departments offer artistic education in all traditional areas of music and theater/drama, as well as a more scientifically oriented education in music pedagogy, musicology, music therapy or culture and media management.

The various musical degree programs comprise all instruments, composition, music theory, orchestra conducting, Protestant church music, choir conducting and music education. Furthermore, specialized degree programs include chamber music, elementary music pedagogy, popular music, jazz, computer music, multimedia composition, music therapy and culture and media management, as well as HfMT newest Master study courses in music conveyance and music pedagogy. HfMT now also offers joint degree programs in cooperation with CNSMDL Lyon, Stockholm and Tallinn (MA Contemporary Performance & Composition) and Hanze Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen (MA Claviorganum).

The study courses of HfMT’s Theater Academy founded in 2005 include music theater as well as drama direction, dramaturgy, vocal music (opera and Lied) as well as drama.

Pursuant to the EU Bologna guidelines, HfMT redesigned all its study courses as Bachelor’s (8 semesters) and Master’s degree programs (4 semesters) replacing the former diploma degree programs. As a result, the formerly separate artistic and pedagogical degree programs are now combined in comprehensive artistic degree programs with mandatory pedagogical classes for all students.

All HfMT degree programs are characterized by a very worklife-oriented educational approach. That includes (mandatory) participation in HfMT’s symphony orchestra or Film And Popular Music Orchestra, choir or jazz choir. Through Internships and public performances, students are given various opportunities to gain stage experience from early on in their educational career. Additionally, the numerous orchestras, choirs, churches, theaters and opera houses in and around Hamburg provide an ideal environment for our students’ musical education and development.