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The “Learning Dan Bau” project, with docent Ngo Tra My

Samstag 01.04.2023 17:00 - 18:30
HfMT, Multifunktionsstudio

Language: English
The “Learning Dan Bau” project was founded and is led by the composer Tam Thi Pham. It started in 2019, is still ongoing and has garnered attention of music lovers not only here in Germany, but also in Vietnam and in the US. Dan Bau is a traditional Vietnamese instrument and is considered one of the most unique instruments in the world because of its simple structure, special performing style and sound production method. The sound of the Dan Bau comes from the harmonics of its single string, combined with the use of the rod to tense or loosen it and to create different pitches with attractive and unique timbre, so close to the tone of Vietnamese language. The project is aimed at anyone who loves this instrument and wishes to learn to play Dan Bau by themselves.

In this event, the Dan Bau artist Ngo Tra My will give us a summary of the project, from basic techniques, though folk and traditional music, to new compositions. She will also touch on a couple of important music styles, characteristic for different regions of Vietnam.

About the presenter:
Docent Ngo Tra My is a Dan Bau teacher at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and one of the most famous Dan Bau soloists in Vietnam. Her fields of activities are teaching, performing, researching traditional music, contemporary and experimental music.

She is a member of “The Six Tones” an experimental music group consisting of Swedish and Vietnamese musicians. From 2008, Tra My is a representative of the “Vietnamese Music Committee” and member of “ASIAN_Korea Traditional Orchestra” (“Asia Traditional Orchestra” by now), member of “One ASIA Traditional Orchestra” (from 2013), music advisor of “C asean Consonant Ensemble” (from 2015), member of “Thang Long” traditional music band (from 2008), and new music band “MMTM” (from 2016).

NOTE: this event will be recorded (audio and video) and the edited materials will be later published online under a CC BY SA license. By attending you agree to these terms.


14:00 – 16:00 Uhr - Workshop
17:00 – 18:30 Uhr - Performance
19:00 – 20:00 Uhr - Konzert

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